Thank you. As a seasoned developer, I believe I am fully qualified to say that the right management company really impacts your profits. Artex has proven themselves many times over to save me time, effort, and money, helping me turn a profit on my investments.

We are so impressed with your careful attention to detail. Your staff handles all our maintenance needs so efficiently. In fact, your preventive maintenance has saved us from costly repairs many times over. Our complex is always clean, with everything in perfect working order. You have really improved our quality of life!

As a first-time investor, I failed to realize how complicated managing a multi-family dwelling would be. As hard as I tried to be on top of everything, it was simply impossible. I was overwhelmed with complaints, struggling to satisfy everyone’s concerns, while hassling with the renters who deliberately withheld rental payments. Within days of hiring you, you managed to sort everything out! The property is beautifully maintained and the residents are pleased and paying rent on time, with no intervention on my part. I only regret not hiring you from the beginning.